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Kurasu Store FAQ

Shipping and Handling

What is the shipping cost?

Are tracking and insurance available? 

How long will shipping take? 

Do you ship to my country? 

Are there any additional costs? 

Can I return my item? 

What if the product is damaged?

Why do you need my phone number?

Product Questions

I'm comparing prices to my local retailer. Why are your prices so much cheaper?

What's the difference between the Donut and Mountain Dripper?

Can I change my order?

What's the currency I'm looking at?

Store Questions

Do you have wholesale?

Do you have a physical store?

Coffee Subscription


How long after roasting date is it shipped?

Types of Coffee

What kind of coffee is selected? Dark roast or light roast?

Do you have decaffeinated coffee?

Changing Subscription Details

Can I change my plan from 200g to 400g, or vice versa?

How do I change my mailing address?

Can I pause my subscription account for the next roaster?

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