Public Cupping #5 Coffee from Melbourne Photo Report

by Yozo Otsuki January 23, 2017 0 Comments

1/21 Coffee from Melbourne Cupping. Thanks so much for joining us! Follow us on our Facebook Events page so you'll get updates on upcoming cuppings from Japan and around the world!
先週土曜日に開催したパブリックカッピング。今回はメルボルンのロースターの豆を中心に提供させていただきました。今後とも定期的に開催していく予定なので、是非KurasuのFacebookイベントページをフォローしてみてください ✌

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Yozo Otsuki
Yozo Otsuki


Yozo is the owner director of Kurasu. Hopping between Kyoto - Tokyo - Sydney, he has a passion for coffee and relaying the beauty of Japan to the world.