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    Barista Blend Interview: Mizuki

    Hi everyone! 
    Have you got the chance to try out our first Barista Blend: Tsubasa? 
    We were positively overwhelmed by the great responses and feedbacks, and we are so sorry for anyone who couldn't get hold of it- it was sold out super fast!

    For the second round of this exciting project, we will introduce Mizuki Blend- and we asked her more about it in the interview! 

    We hope you are as excited as we are for this new blend, and learn more about our barista, about Kurasu and our coffee through this project :)


    Q1. What kind of coffee do you like, Mizuki?

    A1. A mild and sweet coffee is my kind of coffee.

    (Interviewer's comment: We can tell that also from what she chooses and enjoys- tender and mild, rather than eccentric or flamboyant :) )



    Q2. What was your aim in this blend?

    A2. I wanted to make something you can enjoy every day without getting bored or tired of it. 

    (Sounds simple, but that's actually very hard to achieve. the answer she gave us for Q1 kind of links to this as a key point.)


    Q3. What was your reason to choose this color pallet for your blend? 

    A3. I wanted to express a calm energy. 

    (It's blue everyone! Isn't this pretty- we don't have blue in any other package at the moment so it draws your eyes straight onto it. )





    Q4. How was making your first blend like?

     A4. I've never had a blend named after me- it's kind of embarrassing but I'm so happy about it! 

     (Can't wait to try! It will be great. xx)



    Q5. Any other message to wrap up the interview?

    A5. I hope you will enjoy its ever-changing characteristics and flavors in the profile.

    (Let's go already~~!) 




    Thank you so much for reading! 
    See you at the shop :)