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Kurasu is happy to introduce gorgeous new kettles from Kalita Tsubame series: Kalita Tsubame Drip Pot Slim.

Simply irresistible, these mesmerizing series, as it is always the case with Kalita products, comes with style and quality.

Proudly bearing "Made in Tsubame" hallmark that is given only to products that pass the conditions set by the Tsubame Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this perfectly crafted kettle is one of the signature products by Kalita, Japanese top coffee equipment brand.




Tsubame City in Niigata has been famous for its superb craftsmanship and high-quality products they produce--sturdy and flawless. Artisan craftsmen individually shape, craft and polish the kettle to give it an exceptional shine.


Kalita kettle series has been much loved by Japanese kissatens since the 60s, promising great control and reliable results, and its practicality and classic style is a symbol and a pride for brewing for home baristas as well. The unique shape of the spout and high-quality stainless manufactured after consultation with hundreds of coffee professionals in Japan ensures you an easy control on pouring.

With Tsubame quality and Kalita's expertise in coffee industry, this Kalita Tsubame Drip Pot Slim was designed perfectly for pouring with top-class Made in Japan quality.

Line up features copper and stainless steel, both with or without wooden handles. Copper has superb thermal conductivity which makes the water temperature decrease at a slower rate when pouring continually. With metal plating on the inside, there are no worries for change in water quality. Stainless is know to have strong resistance to rust and deformation.

These new kettles are set to replace the existing copper ranges, as Kalita will phase out over 2017. We've chatted with Kalita and know that they are working on numerous products this year. We're looking foward to showcasing them to you in the coming months.



Kalita Tsubame Drip Pot Slim (0.7L) 

Kalita Tsubame Drip Pot Slim Wood Handle (0.7L)


Kalita Tsubame Drip Pot Slim Copper (0.7L)

Kalita Tsubame Drip Pot Slim Copper Wood Handle (0.7L)



Gracefully curving spout for precise pouring, consulting with coffee professionals from aross Japan

Designed specifically for making pour-over, drip coffee, a specialty in Japan

Strong, dependable construction, crafted with copper or stainless steel


Handcrafted by artisans in Tsubame city, Nigata, Japan

Each engraved with MADE IN TSUBAME stamp for authenticity, approved by the Tsubame city Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Kalita Tsubame Drip Pot Slim (0.7L) 


 Kalita Tsubame Drip Pot Slim Wood Handle (0.7L)


Kalita Tsubame Drip Pot Slim Copper (0.7L)


Kalita Tsubame Drip Pot Slim Copper Wood Handle (0.7L)

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Aya Tanaka
Aya Tanaka


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