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A Year in Japanese Coffee Vol.1

Since starting our coffee subscription in 2015, we have partnered with over 35 specialty coffee roasters from around Japan, with subscribers from over 30 countries worldwide. Kurasu's first motivation for starting out as a brand was to spread our passion for Japanese coffee culture across the world. We have been fortunate to be able to travel around Japan and connect with so many wonderful roasters and their stories.

The underlining factor is that they all share a passion and a desire to spread their message through coffee. In essence, Kurasu and our partner roasters all share this same vision. From those amazing roasters we worked with last year, we have featured 10 of their stories, paired with their location on a map and their recommended recipe. All the contents are both in Japanese and English.

We are happy to do our part in telling their stories to a global audience- through this book, we hope you their stories will transport you here with us and experience them as we did. We also hope this book will work as a guidebook for everyone to find great coffee anywhere in Japan.