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Standart Magazine Japan Issue #15

"Lights, embrace, coffee

Issue tackles if the "spotlight" is being properly shined on to the right coffee professions or the stage of the coffee supply chain. Are we ready to embrace both the old and new ideas?"

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Product Details

Standart looks at coffee through the lens of politics, history, climate change, marketing, and gender; along with a wide variety of topics.

Printed and published in Japan
All Articles are in Japanese
Brand New
Published in November 2020

About Standart

Standart is a magazine supported by multiple talented artists, writers and contributors around the world, including New York, London, Melbourne and Tokyo. They strongly believe in the power of printed media as the best way to convey the wonderful messages with sophisticated design, because Every issue delivers capturing interviews, informative articles, guides to world's beautiful cities, and short stories, providing a whole new level of different. perspective of this wondrous beverage, coffee.

Since its establishment in 2015, Standard has been rapidly growing, and they are now distributing to more than 53 countries all over the world. They were nominated to Sprudgies Awards in the category "Best Coffee Magazine" both in 2015 and 2016.

Product Q&A

“The never-ending pursuit of quality and precision is one of the foundations on which the Japanese culture of craft stands… The entrepreneurial and coffee-drinking spirit of Japan — both the old-school kissaten-style the hip third wave — has inspired much that sense of cohesion was so strong that we felt we simply must bring Standart to Japan, to become a part of the specialty coffee knowledge exchange in one of the most exciting communities in the world. ”

“Standart Japan will bring readers the same quality-driven, carefully curated content in three chapters. The pilot issue is an almanac including some of our favorite pieces we published translated into Japanese, and a couple of brand new articles exclusive to Standart Japan.”
(Quotes from Standard official website: https://journal.standartmag.com/announcing-standart-japan-c2f1ed56a0e7 )