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CAFEC Flower Dripper Tritan

Add some rays of light & color to your coffee ritual

Famous for being used by the champion of the JHDC 2019 (Japan Hand-Drip Championship) and the JBrC (Japan Brewers Cup), this revolutionary dripper has flower formed ribs which secure sufficient air layer between paper and the dripper. 

These ribs enable coffee grounds to bloom fully and create a deep filtering layer to bring out all of the good flavors. Smooth and fast water flow which maintains an even balance of water poured and coffee extracted prevents unpleasant taste from dissolving into your coffee.


Color: Clear Pink Brown

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Product Details

Size:Cup1 (for 1 cup)
Material:Eastman Tritan™ copolyester
Recommended Filter:CAFEC Abaca Coffee Paper Filter / CAFEC Abaca Plus Cone Shaped Coffee Filter / CAFEC Conical Paper Filter: Tailored for 3 Roasting Levels

Heat-resident temperature: 100 degrees

Dishwasher safe
Made in Japan


By using the iconic "flower" ribs, a sufficient air layer is secured between the paper and the dripper. Better air flow= coffee better allowed to expand its full set or flavors.


Sharp bottom ribs ensure a smooth brewing all the way to the end.

Compared to a normal cone-shaped dripper, the water-coffee contact time is longer, bringing out much more richness and sweetness.

Manufactured by an U.S. company, Eastman, Eastman Tritan™ copolyester is a material that has a glasslike clarity, durability, chemical & heat resistance and impact strength. No BPA contained.


Launched in 2016 CAFEC is a name under Sanyo Sangyo that produces coffee brewing equipments that centers around the paper filter. They are considered as pioneers in the paper filter manufacturing industry. All CAFEC goods are designed based on their extensive knowledge on roasting and brewing theory. CAFEC as a brand would like to spread the message "Happiest smile by coffee!" through their product in hopes that everyone can enjoy delicious home brewed coffee with friends and family.

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