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Hario V60 Dripper 02 Tetsu Kasuya Model

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Customized Model by 2016 WBC Winner, Tetsu Kasuya


The iconic Hario V60 series proudly presents a customized model created in collaboration with Mr. Tetsu Kasuya, the winner of 2016 World Barista Championship. This "Kasuya Model" is designed to extract the best with Mr.Kasuya's winning method, "4:6 method."   

This model has a customized ribs that hold coffee longer compared to the standard V60 model, which makes the extraction more stable and easier to control. 

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<About Hario V60>

With its swirling ridges and startling looks, the Hario V60, Ceramic Coffee Dripper is a staple to any filter kit. The ceramic filter cone of the V60 highlights the flavor-enhancing ribbing and aesthetic elegance of Hario’s exquisite, hand-pour coffee dripper. Conceived and crafted in Japan, the V60 has become a ‘go to’ dripper design for leading baristas in many of the world’s most popular pour-over coffee shops. 


    Beautiful black ceramic dripper
    Customized model created in collaboration with WBC winner
    Stunning aesthetic design with spiral ribs
    Makes up to 4 cups of pour-over, filter coffee
    Achieves professional standards of flavor control
    Delivered with a manual and measuring spoon and detailed recipe of 4-6 method


      Material: Ceramic
      Size: W140 × D120 × H102mm
      Not suitable for use in microwave
      Can be cleaned in a dishwasher
      Uses special Hario filters
      Made in Japan

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 22 reviews
      Love the dripper

      This dripper really works nicely for the 4:6 method. Highly recommend it.

      Unique and must have item

      This dripper is mandatory for those who are fans of V-60 and Tetsu Kasuya method. The material is great as it is from ceramic. Also there is no doubt on Kurasu packaging and delivery quality


      Love this dripper for the 4:6 method! Probably my favorite brewing method for the v60 because of it simplicity in the pours. Takes a lot of the guessing out. Haven’t tried using any other method on this specific model but that’s because I have a V60 02 ceramic and plastic 01 so no need. Highly recommend if you use the 4:6 method.

      Good dripper

      I received the item in a very timely fashion. Great company and service. It would be nice if the dripper had a silicon ring for the base, I already managed to break off a piece of mine. It still works though and it makes a great cup of coffee.

      Nice Dripper

      Very Nice Dripper