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We've been asked to stock coffee drip bags by so many customers, especially who travel well and lot. It is one of the biggest issues for travelling coffee lovers: the risk of lacking good coffee on journey.

Now you can enjoy our coffee at home, in the office, outdoors, or on a plane. Anytime anywhere, these nitrogen flushed packed drip bags are always fresh and suitable for any environment.

Coffee Bean Profile:

Country: Kenya
Region: Mt.Elgon
Varietal: SL-28, SL-35, Batian, Ruiru
Roast: Light roast
Process: Washed
Flavor note: Floral, Blood Orange, Black Currant, Long aftertaste
Barista's Comment: We’ve carefully tested to roast this beautiful Kenyan to the right level so the intense characteristics and flavors comes out. An almost Ethiopia-like, tea-like quality combined with Kenyan-like juiciness makes this a gem for our taste buds.

 12g of ground coffee brews approximately 180ml of coffee.

Our brewing guide for Kurasu Drip Coffee Bag

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

Wish we had these in the UK! Such a clever yet simple solution to a good up of coffee. One thing though! Is it possible for a different variety for a variation on taste??

The best light roasted coffee I ever tasted

Sincerely, I will definitely order my next batch from Kurasu, can't wait to visit the store once I fly to KYOTO

Surprisingly great product!

I've bought this bag just for the sake of curiosity and was very surprised by the result in my cup. I've got very fresh and clear taste despite the pre-ground beans (nitrogen filled bag do its thing) and liked very much the roast itself. It seems that my bag was about 1 month after roasting, It would be interesting to wait several months just to see what will happen with the taste.

So I recommend to try it not just like a excellent travel solution but also for home brewing without losing the quality of freshly ground coffee. Kenya used here is very well chosen but it would be also nice to have more choice in the future.

Thank you, Kurasu team!

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