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Hario V60 Dripper 02 Tetsu Kasuya Model

The iconic Hario V60 series proudly presents a customized model created in collaboration with Tetsu Kasuya, the winner of 2016 World Barista Championship.

This Kasuya Model is designed to extract the best with Kasuya's winning method, 4:6 method. This model has customized ribs that hold coffee longer compared to the standard V60 model, which makes the extraction more stable and easier to control.


Product Details

Size: W140 × D120 × H102mm (4 cups)
Material: Ceramic
Weight: -
Recommended Filter: Hario V60 filter
Features:Comes with a manual and measuring spoon and detailed recipe of 4-6 method

Made in Japan

See product manual for handling tips.

About Hario

The name Hario originated from the combination of the Japanese word hari (玻璃) or glass and o (王) or king, combined formed the meaning the King of Glass. A brand with more than 100 years of experience under it's belt started in 1921 as a laboratory glassware seller and manufacturer in Tokyo, Japan. Using their heatproof glassware and glass processing techniques, Hario started creating coffee siphons in 1948. Later on they expanded to creating their well loved home products from other materials. They are now a household name among coffee brewing enthusiasts.

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