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TORCH Mountain Dripper White

Introducing the cousin of the Donut Dripper

Release the full flavour of your favourite ground coffee with this elegantly crafted, Mountain Dripper from Torch.

The 1-2 cup version of the Donut Dripper, the slim, stylish form allows the coffee to be perfectly layered and shaped to extract the best possible flavor. The finely-crafted, porcelain dripper features special internal ribs which guide the flow of water through the coffee grains. The large outlet hole ensures the optimum rate of flow for consistently smooth, full-flavoured, fresh-tasting coffee.

Each Torch dripper set features an exquisite white Japanese Mino Yaki style porcelain dripper with an untreated, white ash base. Over time the attractive wooden base gains additional character from the natural patterns and staining of regular use.


2 Internal ribbings act as stairs to optimally hold the water to create contact with coffee. 4 small holes with one large hole in the middle creates natural water flow.
Tapered ridges inside the wooden base to stabilize the dripper (Improvement from April 2016)



Makes 1-2 cups of beautifully smooth filtered coffee
Can use cone, fan, or Kalita wave filter
Porcelain dripper with white ash wood base
Can use commercially sold cone (Hario or Kono 1-2 cups), fan shaped (Kalita 102) or Kalita Wave #155 filters.​


    Material: Porcelain and white ash
    Dishwasher safe (Only the porcelain)
    Size: Diameter 9 (top, bottom 5.5cm) x Height 7 cm
    Base: Diameter 11 x Height 1 cm 
    Weight: 200g (Shipping weight 300g)
    Made in Japan


    Customer Questions

    Question: What's the different between the Donut Dripper and the Mountain Dripper?

    Answer: Donut dripper takes up to 4 cups and created for dark roasted beans which is the main trend in Japanese coffee beans. It has more height than that Mountain so more beans hit the coffee grounds, giving the coffee a more heavy taste balance, which again works very well with dark roasted beans.

    The Mountain Dripper takes up to 2 cups created with the Donut in mind but designed more for Third wave / Western coffee bean culture with hints of acidity and fruitiness. Overall it drips slightly faster than the Donut and produces a more "clean" taste pallet great for light-medium roasted beans.

    QuestionHow does the dripper align with the wooden base? Does it have ridges for the dripper to be stable?

    Answer: The porcelain dripper just sits lightly on top of the wooden base. It does not have any ridges. Since the wooden base and ceramic drippers are each individually hand made, they are not "perfectly" constructed and you may need to find the "right spot" for the dripper to sit on the base. Personally, our team at Kurasu usually don't have any issues of the dripper titling for example, while extracting coffee.

    QuestionCan Kalita wave filters be used in the Torch Mountain Dripper?

    Answer: Yes! Kalita wave filters #155 can in used with the Mountain Dripper.


    Recipe for TORCH Mountain Dripper by Kurasu

    You need:
    TORCH Mountain Dripper
    Kalita Wave paper filter 155 (or Hario V60 paper filter 01 size)
    Drip kettle
    Digital scale
    Timer (if available)
    Coffee grind 14g (EK43:9 coarse/medium)
    Water temp. 90-93c

    >>Learn more about the recipe

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 56 reviews
    Torch mountain dripper

    Love the dripper. Really enjoy it every morning.

    Handy experimentation

    Very fun dripper and its very easy to achieve great results with all kinds if filters.

    Have tried it with v60 01 and 02 sizes, kalita wave small and large and kalita 102 and 103 filter papers.

    It holds the larger filters well and you can easily brew larger batches with them. The water is contained within the filter paper, above the height of the dripper itself.


    I bought this dripper out of curiosity and it delivers an excellent cup of coffee. It's one of my favorites now.
    Besides that, shipping was extremely fast and the dripper was carefully packed. It arrived in excellent condition in here Brazil. Purchase recommended!

    Love it!

    I love my Torch Mountain dripper. It has a beautiful aesthetic and it makes an excellent cup of coffee. Would recommend it a hundred times over.


    TORCH Mountain Dripper White

    Thank you very much for the review!