Kinto Stainless Filter 2 cups

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Kinto Stainless Filter

In this original design from Kinto, a stylish stainless steel cone filter takes the place of a paper filter. The reusable stainless steel filter is not only kinder to the environment, but it allows more oils to remain in the finished coffee, resulting in a richer and more intense flavor. The set also includes a holder for the filter, which doubles up as a measurer.

There is a zenlike quality to the fluidity of movement in this coffee making technique, and from the careful measuring of the coffee to watching each drop drip leisurely into the carafe, the process is an experience unto itself.  Unhurried, unrushed, relaxed – enjoying the making as much as the drinking is what Kinto’s “slow coffee style” is all about.

Fits with standard cone shapped dripper such as the Hario V60 or Kono 2 cups

Why We Love This

Perfect for beginners and advanced pourover lovers
No need for paper filter saves cost and sustainable alternative to paper filters


    Stainless filter:
    Heat resistant up to 100℃ 
    Dishwasher safe
    18-8 Stainless Steel

    Customer Q&A

    Question: How coarse a grind do you recommend for this filter?
    Answer: We recommend you experiment with medium filter grind - coarse


    About the brand

    A kitchenware specialist based in Shiga Prefecture, Kinto have collaborated with many well-known designers including Fumie Shibata and TENT, and have designed a variety of beautiful yet functional drinkware items. In 2009 they received the Good Design Awards, a testament to the highly acclaimed excellence of their products, and are now gaining enormous attention from both domestic and international media alike.  




    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Excellent filter

    Works very well with Hario V60 two cup. Get the grind right and enjoy sensational pour over!

    Stainless filter

    fast delivery thank you; very happy with the filter performace

    Stainless Filter

    I've been using this a few weeks and love it. I've seen concerns that steel filters can be slow, but I've found that this one drips at the same speed as paper filters if there isn't too much coffee in the filter. Coffee tastes great and maintains a lot of oils that can be removed with paper filters. Shipping was very fast - arrived in Australia a few days after I ordered.

    Dear Travis, thank you so much for your review! Very glad to hear that the filter is doing great for you :) We love its smoothness and delivery too! Happy brewing xx
    Kinto Stainless Filter

    Less tiny granules of coffee than KONE, love it.

    Kuraso stainless steel filter

    I bought 2 Kuraso stainless steel filters as an alternative to my Hario drip filter with paper. Although they look exactly the same one of the filters is incredibly slow to filter coffee which is disappointing. The primary reason I bought the stainless steel filter was to get away from running water through bleached paper (can never seem to order the unbleached paper when you want), but didn't expect that the trade off was a layer of coffee sentiment at the bottom of the cup, and one ultra slow filter to the point where the coffee goes cold.

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