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Hario Cupping Bowl Tetsu Kasuya Model

Created by the World Brewers Cup 2016 winner Tetsu Kasuya in collaboration with HARIO. This Kasuya Model is designed to up your cupping game and make it even more sophisticated.

This sleek black cupping bowl is made by Arita Porcelain, one of the most prominent pottery brands. By keeping the visual information on the liquid such as color and clarity as minimal as possible, you can sorely focus on the aroma and mouthfeel without getting distracted.

Product Details

Size: W93 × D93 × H65mm (260ml)
Material:Arita Porcelain ceramic
Features:Cupping spoon not included

Made in Japan

Not microwave safe
Dishwasher safe

About Hario

The name Hario originated from the combination of the Japanese word hari (玻璃) or glass and o (王) or king, combined formed the meaning the King of Glass. A brand with more than 100 years of experience under its belt started in 1921 as a laboratory glassware seller and manufacturer in Tokyo, Japan. Using their heatproof glassware and glass processing techniques, Hario started creating coffee siphons in 1948. Later on they expanded to creating their well loved home products from other materials. They are now a household name among coffee brewing enthusiasts.