Hario V60 Glass Dripper Olive Wood Base 1-2 Person


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Classic Hario V60 Dripper Now Available With Natural Wooden Holder


With its distinctive spiral ribs and cone shape, Hario V60 is now a modern-time classic. This Hario V60 Glass Dripper Olive Wood Base comes with hand crafted, natural olive wood. Each product is carefully hand made, which makes the every encounter of the products and the user unique. 

Also enjoy using it as a set with Hario Coffee Server Olive Wood Handle, and bring a revitalizing feel of sunshine and gentle warmth of the wood to your kitchen. The spiral ribs of the Hario V60 are designed to extract the most subtle hints of flavor. The ridges also form insulating air channels which help to maintain an even brewing temperature within the filter. The single hole at the bottom of the cone allows the character of the brew to be finely tuned by the speed of the pour.




Beautiful combination of crystal clear glass and natural olive wood
Stunning aesthetic design with spiral ribs
Makes up to 1-2 cups of pour-over, filter coffee
Achieves professional standards of flavor control



Dripper: Heatproof Glass
Holder: Natural Olive Wood, Silicone Rubber
Not suitable for use in microwave
Glass dripper can be cleaned in a dishwasher
Holder CAN NOT be cleaned in a dishwasher
Avoid high temperature/humidity, or direct sun light
Size: W120 x D120 x H77 mm
Uses special Hario filters
Glass dripper and silicone rubber: Made in Japan
Wooden holder: Made in China
Quality examined and assembled in Japan
How to Brew with Hario V60

What you need:

Pour over cone, Paper filter (rinse before use), Burr blade grinder, Pouring kettle, Digital scales, Server, Stopwatch.

12g Grind Coffee (Around EK43: 7 Fine-medium grind)

Water temperature: 92-96 degrees

>>Learn more about the recipe


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
5 star

Hario V60 Glass Dripper Olive Wood Base 1-2 Person

5 star

Hario V60 Glass Dripper Olive Wood Base 1-2 Person

Hi Amnuay, Thank you for reviewing!
Beautiful Olive Wood!!

I have the plastic V60 dripper and finally decided to upgrade to this beauty! absolutely love it. and it is now my favourite dripper amongst my other brewing gear.

Dear Emily, thank you so much for your review! Yes, this dripper definitely is a one of a kind, isn't it! So happy to hear that you loved it :) Thank you again for shopping with us!

I got this dripper to size down from a 02 ceramic v60, since I was only making single-cup portions for myself. The wood base is a beautiful sight to behold and compliments the rest of my brewing gear wonderfully. My go-to, everyday-dripper!

Hi Kevin, thank you for the review here too :) Indeed you have made a great choice of a single cup dripper! Enjoy brewing :)
Solid Dripper

By far my favorite dripper. I love the combination of wood and glass. Solid and did I mention beautiful.

Thanks Gina for taking the time to write a review! Yes, we love the combination of wood and glass too! Happy brewing with the beauty!!

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