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Hasami Porcelain

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World Class Designed Hasami Porcelain Cup

The charm of HASAMI PORCELAIN comes for the sensory when the cup touches your hands and mouth. Compared to other porcelains, there is peerless minimalist sharpness in the form and a pleasant organic feel. The matte feel and color are accompanied by a unique texture matching any environment and perfect for slipping on your morning pourover.

The more you use the mug, the grainy texture will start fitting in your hands and become gently smooth. The materials of HASAMI PORCELAIN are crafted from natural Amakusa pottery stone and mixed in with a specific ratio of clay to replicate the original feel of Hasami style pottery originated in the 16th century. As it is baked in high temperature, it is highly resistant to dirt and stains.

Available in 3 colors: Natural/Clear/Black 


    Dishwasher/ Microwave safe
    Material: Porcelain
    Made in: Hasami city, Nagasaki, Japan
    Creative Director : Takahiro Shinomoto

    Size: φ85×H72mm
    Weight: 215g
    Capacity: 330ml

    Size: Medium - φ85×H89mm
    Weight: 215g
    Capacity: 375ml

    About Hasami Porcelain

    Hasami city of Nagasaki Prefecture is know for its leading role in the pottery industry in Japan for over 400 years. Hasami pottery were exported not only all over Japan but to Europe and overseas from the Edo period for its creative designs and exceptional quality. This rich tradition has now been handed down and integrated to the modern age by designer Shinomoto Takuhiro (tortoise), as HASAMI PORCELAIN.