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Kurasu Drip Coffee Bag - Ethiopia Abebe Godana [Medium roast]

Floral aroma, taste of grape and nectarine, bittersweet finish like dark chocolate.

Country: Ethiopia
Process: Natural
Region: Konga, Yirgacheffe
Variety: Kurume
Altitude: 2100m
Flavor Notes: Violet flowers, Grape, Nectarine, Stone fruit, Dark chocolate
*12g of ground coffee brews approximately 180ml of coffee.
*Note: the product will be shipped out from the 27th, February, 2023. 

Pack: 1 bag


Our drip bags are filled with coffee all roasted by us in Kyoto, then packed with nitrogen flushing to maintain that gorgeous aroma of freshly ground coffee. It's easy to brew, and it's definitely a great alternative to instant coffee to up the game of quick fix to start the day or freshen up in the afternoon.

*We accept big orders of over 50 bags so please contact us for further information.

Ratio 1:15

・Kurasu Coffee Drip bag: 12g of coffee inside
・Hot water: 180g 

Step by step:

  • Pour hot water to wet the coffee grind, and let it bloom for 30 seconds (If you have a scale, Pour: 30g of water).
  • Pour the water slowly and evenly to the top (Approx.: 80g).
  • Once the water level goes down to 1/3 from the bottom, pour the rest (Approx.: 70g, Total: 180g).
  • Let it all drip, then remove the drip bag and serve.
  • Finish the process in approximately 2 minutes. 

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