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To achieve an even higher goal- compact dripping pot designed by the WBC winner

Kasuya Model Series”, in collaboration with HARIO, Kasuya san has produced coffee tools to align perfectly with his 4:6 brewing method. Tetsu Kasuya became the first Asian world champion of the WORLD BREWERS CUP in 2016.

The compact body enables you to brew more flexibly and easily. It makes a great gift when wrapped together with a few drip bags!

The long straight spout with a less curved tip makes the water flow control extremely easy. 


Hario V60 Dripper 02 Tetsu Kasuya Model

Hario Cupping Spoon Tetsu Kasuya Model

Hario Cupping Bowl Tetsu Kasuya Model



Size: W165×L90×H100×D70mm
Capacity:  300ml
Material: Stainless Steel
Made in China
DO NOT use direct fire nor induction heater

DO NOT use microwave nor oven

Dish washer/drier compatible

Handling Tips

This product is not to be used as a heating device. Do not use with direct fire. This is designed to be used as a dripping pot, so boil the water in a different kettle and transfer the water to this product to enjoy brewing.
Please make sure to check the condition of the product before use. If the handle is loose, do not use it to prevent any accident.
The paint for the products passed the Food Sanitation Law. Avoid scrubbing or any impact on surface as it may cause the paint to peel.

Customer Reviews

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A good asset

I don't mind this product. It is ultra light, and has a nice spout.
Definitely worth it's money.


Perfect for travels

As small as a milk pour pitcher but performs as a normal gooseneck kettle. very easy to control the pour and beautiful aesthetics


Recibí la compra y estoy muy conforme con el producto. Es excelente. Gracias y felices fiestas


Very lightweight, portable, I like the coating texture. Perfect for travel. However the coating of the neck fell off a bit only after a week of use. Would be nice to have a lid as well.

Lightweight, minimalist design and industrial look

Very easy to control water flow. The handle can be improved to be a bit more ergonomic to use.

Since it is made of metal, it absorb/remove some heat from the water pretty quickly. So after transferring boiling water from a full-sized kettle, the water get cooled to about 90 C pretty quickly.

It comes with a rubber stopper to protect the spout during shipping. Beware, the matte black coating is easily to peel off. Shortly after using it, do not put the rubber stopper back to spout until the kettle is completely cooled. Otherwise, the rubber stopper will become adhesive due to heat and easily peel off some of the black coating.

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