Kaico Drip Kettle (1.3L)


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Triangular spout makes an easily controllable, flexible water stream  Compatible with IH/direct fire

"KAICO" series was designed by Makoto Koizumi with a wish in mind to re-create and renovate enameled kitchenware long-loved by Japanese, in Japan and with Japanese artisans. 

Amongst his superb collection, Kurasu picked this beautiful dripping kettle- its unique, triangle spout lets out various water streams with different angles. If you pour it with a small angle and let the water almost fall straight down, it creates a beautifully thin stream which is perfect for pourover. If you pour it with angle, it lets out the water thick and quickly, so you don't need to held up with super-thin stream when you just want to transfer the water or to make tea- it gives you the exact water stream you want, with a simple flick of your wrist.

Enameled steel is a metal plate coated with glass, and it has both the sturdiness of metal and beautifully mild and clear aesthetics and cleanliness of glass. This material is excel at heat conduction and preservation as well. The wide bottom makes the kettle stable on any kind of hobs.



Easily controllable, flexible water stream

Made of enameled steel which is great at heat conduction and preservation and sturdy

Beautiful, timeless design



Material: Enameled steel plate / Knob: Natural wood

Full Capacity: 1.3L

Compatible with IH (100v/200v)

NOT Compatible with Dish washer/dryer

Handle gets hot when heated, so please handle with care.

Made in Japan

Caution: Please refrain from dropping and other impacts to avoid the glass enamel coating from damaging.

DO NOT use metal/nylon scrubbing brush and abrasive as they cause scratch on the surface. 

Due to the nature of manufacturing process, the item may have some marks caused by hanging and cutting during the process. The coating may be partially uneven due to the same reason. Also, the iron base (dark silvery color) may get exposed when you drop/scratch the item. If you leave it and let it contact with water, acid and salt, it will cause rust. When it happens, please gently wash it with sponge, dry-wipe it well and apply some vegetable oil to prevent the rust from spreading.

The knob is made of natural wood, so each item have its unique tone off color and patterns. 


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