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The Perfect 1 cup Dripper Pot 

This ONE DRIP POTE is an adorable, easy-to-use and a perfectly sized dripping pot.

The mark on the inside lets you measure 150 ml―the exact amount you want for a cup― easily, and makes your quick, 1-cup dripping easier than ever.

For your everyday brewing, for busy morning, for any occasions really―this tiny pot helps you enjoy brewing whenever you want, stress-free. 

Color Variation : Silver/ Matt Black

Wooden lid is also available



Recommended Recipe

10g fine-medium grind coffee/ 150ml water or 12g/ 160ml 
1. Pour hot water into ONE DRIP POTE (it will cool down the hot water to an optimal temperature).
2. Pour a bit of water (just about the coffee can absorb and doesn't start dripping) into grind coffee and let it bloom for 15-20 seconds.
3. Slowly pour the rest, and serve. 



Material: 18-8 Stainless Steel
Size: W17cm x L6.5 cm x H7.5 cm
Weight: 120 g
DO NOT use direct fire nor microwave.




The handle can get hot when used with hot water. Please use with caution
Handle the spout tip with care as it's sharp and may cause any unexpected injury.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Solid attractive product

I have the silver model. The manufacturing quality seems quite solid, it looks attractive, and is enjoyable to pour. Some comments mention the small size, but it was exactly the size I expected: it's right for making a single cup of pour-over coffee. When you want another cup you can just refill this pot from your kettle. The shipping was quicker than expected to Hong Kong.

Love the design

It's perfect for brewing one cup of coffee :)


The item was received in good condition and arrived earlier than expected despite the delay. It was just in time as a gift to a friend.
The product speaks of excellent quality and workmanship. Thank you!

Simple and elegant

It is cute. It is small. It is a pretty statement on my bench top. Need more water to make for more cups? It's not the end of the world. Simply just add more water to the pot.

Makes very good coffee.

It is the perfect amount of water for 10g of coffee and allows for the perfect pour over onto the grounds.

Some points I notice about this product.
1)It is a small pot. Product looks bigger in the picture. It makes a single small cup of coffee only (150ml, I was expecting more..).
2) It is made in Japan.
3) The spout has great flow control of hot water, however, the way the spout is connected to the pote doesn't permit all the water to drain out of the pote and some water remains.

I would give 5⭐ if it was bigger (200-350ml at least), so that I can make more then 1 cup of coffee.