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Takahiro Coffee Drip Pour Over Kettle

The Takahiro kettle is dubbed the "Rolls Royce of pouring kettles" by the well known California based specialty coffee roaster Blue Bottle Coffee. It's no surprise the Takahiro kettle has a cult following around the world despite the steep price tag.

The graceful, swan's-neck spout is said to offer the perfect, responsive flow of water required for the preparation of a top-class filter coffee. Notice how the lip of the spout is uniquely shaped, providing the exact precision needed for a perfect-pour.

サイズ: 0.5L

Product Details

Size:130 × 240, Φ110mm (0.5L)
Material: 18-8 stainless steel
Features:Expertly crafted tip

Size: 155 × 240, Φ120mm (0.9L)
Material:18-8 stainless steel
Features:Expertly crafted tip

Made in Japan

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About Takahiro

The Takahiro brand was originally known in Japan as a respected manufacturer of professional kitchen equipment. The Takahiro kettle has now become a popular model with professional Japanese baristas and passionate enthusiasts of the home-based, pour over filter coffee movement.

Product Q&A

It is preference, but Takahiro kettle has the edge in terms of precision pouring and control. If you're after control in your pour-over experience Takahiro is the preferred brand for high-end cafes and coffee lovers.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Scott R.
A Classic Kettle

There’s a reason this beautiful kettle has become a classic. It looks fantastic and allows for absolute control when pouring. I make some of my best tasting pour overs using this kettle. And the internal surfaces are beautifully finished with no seams or cracks; allowing the kettle to dry completely in a short period of time. This prevents rusting and bacteria. Well worth the cost.

Lovely kettle

The design of this kettle is just elegant and delicate. Arrived soon after order placed. Works great for pour over coffee at home!

Stephanie H.
Just beautiful

Extraordinarily smooth and controlled pouring experience, just makes morning slow coffee that much better.
It's so simple but elegant.
Compared to the Tsukiusagi enamel pot it provides an even more smooth pour, and really the 0.5L holds about as much water as the Tsukiusagi 0.7L (due to the shape it tends to boil over).
On the other hand, the Takahiro lid falls off easier than the Tsukiusagi lid does but this is only if you really really tip the pot forward.
Since the Takahiro is made with metal, the handle becomes much hotter to the touch, but the pot is much more resistant to damage.
I honestly can't choose between the two, so I'm glad that I have both now :)
Since each is handmade, I wasn't too surprised when mine came with a very slightly deviated handle, in fact it only made the kettle that much more special for me.

Arrived quickly and reliably via DHL.

Peggy T.
Beautiful Kettle

This little kettle arrived in a very timely matter and upon opening the box I was of course not surprised because all of my purchases from Kurasu have been exceptional . Today, I made the perfect cup of coffee and the spout makes all the difference with approah and pouing. The kettle is high quality stainless and a very elegant addition. I love it, need I say more.

Francis G.P.
takahiro kettle

shipped fast!