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*COE* Honduras Claudia Murcia [Light roast]

Bright citrus aroma, lemon, dried tamarind, and grape-like flavors, followed by elegant and rich aftertaste of sparkling wine and green tea.

Country: Honduras
Process: Honey
Region: El Buen Sembador, Las Penitas, Santa Barbara
Variety: Parainema
Altitude: 1450m
Flavor Notes: Orange, Lemon, Tamarind, Grape, Lactic acid, Sparkling wine, Green tea

*500gr / 1kg packaging will be in our wholesale bags.

Size: 200g


"Yes, we're releasing another beautiful COE coffee and this time it's from Honduras! Some of you may be surprised with our selection as we rarely feature Honduras in our line-up. Personally, I love coffee from Honduras but I struggle to find "the good ones." The competition over high quality green beans is extremely tough, but thanks to WATARU & Co., Ltd., we have secured our share to roast in our Nishijin Roastery.

Words cannot express how excited I am to roast this coffee from Santa Barbara, which is a renowned region for producing top quality coffee in Honduras. When a coffee is described as winey, it often refers to sweet, rich aroma and body, and fruitiness of grapes. Meanwhile, the "winey" aspect of coffee from Honduras, in particular Santa Barbara, is noticeable in the acidity. The moment you take a sip, you feel the juicy notes spread in your mouth, followed by the crispness. While the citrus notes are the most dominant, you can taste the grape-like notes unique to the process, and a hint of tamarind sauce.

Just follow your hear and give this amazing offering from Honduras a try!"

-Head Roaster Kosuke

A moderate heat progression. We pay careful attention to not burn the outer layer of the green beans towards the second half of the process. Too much heat can produce strong fermented notes, so we aim for a good balance, like refreshing lactic acid notes.

See Kurasu Coffee Brew Guide blog to try Kurasu's basic recipe,


try Head Roaster Kosuke’s Recipe *COE* Honduras Claudia Murcia

Brewing Gear:AeroPress
Coffee : Water ratio: 14g : 200g
Water temp.:91℃
Grind:Medium fine

Step by step:

1. Add coffee grounds and water in the chamber
2. Agitate 3 times with the paddle
3. Wait 1 minute
4. Slowly press down taking up to 20-30 seconds

Kurasu Staff's Comments

"A treat for myself after a busy week. It’s juicy and elegant at the same time - the kind of coffee I look for to appreciate each sip and gently lift my mood."


Roasting and Shipping Schedule

We roast all of our coffee in Kyoto, at our Nishijin Roastery, up to twice a week on Monday and Sunday.

We then pack and ship the freshly roasted beans out on weekdays (please note that our fulfilment operation closes on weekends).

The roasting date on your coffee will be between 14 days prior to your order, and while we try our best to ship as younger roast as possible, we actually recommend you waiting at least 1 week after the roasting date to enjoy the fully developed flavor, so if you receive a very fresh roast please let the coffee rest for about a week and give it a try!

*All shipment will be done on the next Wednesday after order is received.

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Kurasu is my favorite

always looking forward to beans from Kurasu - they are a special business that cares extremely about quality, customer service and most importantly help making the most delicious and comforting cup of coffee everyday. Highly recommend to coffee lovers around the world!

Ada W.
nice coffee beans

fresh beans with fast & good delivery, always my choose of daily coffee

Milo w.

I love this style and taste so much, very nice.