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Cold Brew Bag: House Blend Dark

Orange peel, Dark chocolate, Buttery, Long aftertaste

Country: Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia
Process: Natural/Washed

Size: House Blend Dark [5bags]


A super easy and fuss-free cold brew bag to enjoy a refreshing glass of summer! That clink of the ice cubes swirling in a syrupy, smooth and sweet cold brew is the sound we love to hear in the summer. This cold brew bag is an ultimate fuss-free way of making that heavenly beverage without any measuring, grinding, and all the mess that come with it.

Just throw a bag into a bottle of water before going to bed. It will be the perfect motivation to get you out of bed in the morning.

The bean temperature is set to reach 15°C to 17°C higher than that of light roast coffee. We roast all the way through with medium heat for 11 minutes.

Cold brew coffee recipe

Ratio: 1 bag, 500ml of water

Infuse for 12-24 hours until desired strength is reached.

(at Kurasu, we steep for 15h at room temperature.)

Serve can with ice cubes/ milk/ a generous scoop of ice cream. anything you fancy to survive the summer heat. Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
The best drink for summer

The cold brew is not only easy to make but also good for the summer.

Nice cold brew bag

Ideal for summer drink

Penelope L.
love it!

Super convenient. The taste is fresh and light. Will purchase again!

Mozart M.
Cold Brew Bag - house blend

Very good cold brew coffee beans. I like it very much!

Talal m.

The coffee is so good and fresh highly recommend it and it shipped in 3 days !