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Our signature, single origin matcha green tea made in collaboration with YUGEN.

High quality, single origin, single variety green tea for an affordable price.
Treat your guests, customers and yourself to this well balanced, rich in flavor and vibrant green color of this OKUMIDORI.

OKUMIDORI is mild and light, making it a perfect match for milk and sugar compatible with a wider taste palates and variety of recipes. 
Weight: 180g (with sugar)


*500gr / 1kg packaging will be in our wholesale bags.

*If the product is sold out and you would like to place your order immediately, please email hello@kurasu.kyoto with the required product name and quantity.

Syrup Recipe: 

What you need: 

Matcha without sugar syrup ratio: 

Matcha powder : Hot water = 1 : 8

OKUMIDORI with sugar syrup ratio:

Matcha powder : Sugar/honey/agave syrup : Hot water =
1 : 2 : 8

Checkout our Matcha and Hojicha Recipe.

What you need: 

  • Matcha or hojicha syrup
  • Milk
  • (Ice cubes)

Hot Matcha latte: 

  • 150g steamed milk
  • 20g (to 35g) matcha syrup

Iced Matcha latte: 

  • 155g milk
  • 25g (to 40g) matcha syrup
  • 90 to 100g whole ice cubes

About Kurasu Tea by Yugen

Kurasu Tea by Yugen is a Kyoto-based collaborative brand between Kurasu, a specialty coffee shop, and Yugen, a Japanese tea expert, established to offer a quality "tea time" experience with a celebrated selection of authentic Japanese green tea.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Really nice matcha too have on the daily

Really nice blend of matcha to have everyday, honestly it’s kinda hard to find this amount of high quality matcha for this price

Quality Matcha Exquisite Taste

This is the best matcha powder i've ever had! Easy to make and versatile to create different drinks!

Decent quality matcha blend

Love this blend (with sugar), right amount of sweetness and bitterness from the matcha. Will purchase it again!

Authentic and delicious.

The matcha mix is authentic and delicious. Very smooth and creamy. Quality is above average in the market.

Erick B.
Awesome product

High quality matcha and all my customers love it!!!!
Highly recommend!