Kurasu x Miz Collaboration Tote Bag


We're excited to kick off an artist collaboration series with local and overseas artists to share their talents to the world and rethink Kurasu and coffee through their perspectives.

Our first collaboration is with local Kyoto based artist, graphic designer, and illustrator Miz. Light weight cotton to help with small errands on the go. We love to use it by tying the shoulder length. 

We all have days when we contemplate, seek inspirations, worry, or just day dream our afternoon away. There's aways coffee to help through that process. 

Limited quantity. 

Material: Cotton 100%

Size: 300×350×50mm 
Shoulder length: 30×900 mm

about Miz
Miz is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Kyoto.

After living in Melbourne for 5 years, she developed her passion for graphic design.

In Melbourne, Miz worked as a graphic designer in a small studio this is a place that helped Miz cultivate her creativity, and it remains close to her heart.

She now works for a studio in Kyoto and on solo projects where she helps businesses and brands tell their unique story through the power of design. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Coffee on my brain

Excellent design! I wish the bag was a bit thicker, but it is a good size for small trips to the grocery store.

I love this graphic!!!

Just like the title says, I LOVE THIS GRAPHIC! As a fellow designer, i got pretty excited and even inspired. The print is as vibrant as in the images too. I do wish the bag was a little bigger, but i thought the strap length was perfect. Thank you Miz and Kurasu :)

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