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Exquisitely conceived by Japanese designer, Teruhiro Yanagihara, these 1616/Arita TY White Series Cups take coffee to the next level. Light and graceful in the hand, this Arita-yaki ceramic ware has a heritage that is said to date back to the 17th century.

Even with their origins in the distant past, the minimal design of these hand-made ceramic cups is distinctly modern. The subtle, conical body of each cup connects with a squared, ‘D’ shaped handle. The lip is gently flared, offering a relaxed, comforting mouth-feel.

The TY ‘White Series’ range includes a small espresso cup, a mid-sized coffee cup and a modernist mug for larger servings.

Ideal capacities:

Espresso cup: 60 ml
Coffee cup: 130 ml
Mug: 230 ml
Plate Size:
Square plate 130: W127×D105×H15mm
Square plate 165: W165×D140×H15mm



Why we love the 1616/Arita range

Modern, minimal design by Teruhiro Yanagihara

Hand-made in Arita, southern Japan

Crafted using traditional Arita-yaki, artisan pottery techniques

Aesthetically pleasing with a soft, warm touch


Material: Porcelain

Suitable for microwave and dishwasher

Espresso Cup: ø60 x H52mm, weight: 72g

Coffee Cup: ø80 x H68mm, weight: 117g

Mug: ø86 x H85mm, weight: 150g

Hand-made in Japan

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nice Mugs

Good for drink

love it!

I bought the mug, coffee cup, and plates. Use them for coffee and pastry in the morning. The shape and contour of this mug is just perfect. Love love love the matte look and the blue-grey shade is beautiful.

Like I needed another reason to drink coffee in the morning?

No, I have plenty of reasons to make myself coffee first thing in the morning. But that a cup could become a newly found reason? Now, that I did not see coming. Only gripe maybe, that I ordered the Coffee Cup size, which seem to be just a tad larger than the average espresso cup. If you're after a nice palm-able cup, go all the way for the Mug. Also, don't procrastinate. Get the plate, too. You'll regret not having bought it in the first place. I would know. I didn't get it.

Simplicity at it's best

Clean and minimalist design. Beautifully crafted with matte gray surface. Love it. Friday order delivered on Monday. Thank You.

A Joy to Drink From....

This mug and plate are so beautiful together. I love the grey color and the rough, yet somehow smooth finish to the cup. It's really light and the lip of the cup is shaped in a way that the coffee flows into your mouth at a perfect rate. The mug design is a beauty to look at and and the feel of the ceramic in your hand is almost like an instrument, as when you set the cup down and release it with your fingers it sings like a bow across strings on a violin.

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