Kurasu Stainless Travel Tumbler


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Vacuum-insulated, double wall stainless tumbler. Enjoy your drink at its perfect temperature anytime, anywhere

Do you enjoy outdoor activities, or maybe too busy working everyday? Do you have to often give up having a nice cup of coffee because of that? If so, this stainless travel tumbler is just right for you. 

Stainless Travel Tumbler was designed by KINTO for people who lead a conscious and flexible lifestyle. The vacuum insulated bottle made of the smooth, high quality stainless steel keeps your drinking experience enjoyable, clean and long-lasting.

Make your travel drink more enjoyable and personal with this Kurasu original logo model tumbler!


Stress-free drinking experience

The smooth rim free of screws and dents gives you a stress-free drinking just like drinking out of a glass or a mug. A special structure catches ice cubes and drinks come out in perfect amount.


High quality stainless steel/ vacuum insulated double wall body. Keep your drink nice and pleasant for longer.

Double walled stainless steel tumbler prevents heat transfer with a vacuum between its inner and outer walls. The foil layer covering the inner wall reflects heat back inside, contributing to excellent heat and cold retention (above 65℃/149℉, below 8℃/46℉ for 6h.)

The body is made of a high quality 18-8 stainless steel, and the smooth electro-polished interior prevents odors and stains, keeping it clean and fresh. The outer surface is treated with powder coat finish which makes it even more durable and free from scratches. 




Kurasu original logo design model
Size: φ70 x H170 mm / 350 ml / 245g
Material: 18-8 Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, Silicone
Made in China
DO NOT use microwave, dishwasher/dryer
DO NOT use on direct fire

DO NOT boil to clean

Heat retention: 6 hours (above 65℃)

Cool retention: 6 hours (below 8℃)

*Heat (cold) retention shows temperatures taken under the following conditions: ambient temperature of 20℃±2℃, container filled with prescribed amount of hot water at 95℃±1℃ (4℃±1℃ for cold water) and left for the predetermined time (6h).

*You may be able to improve the heat (cool) retention by pre-warming (pre-cooling) the tumbler by pouring a small amount of hot (cold) water and leave it for 1-2 minutes.



・This product is designed to contain beverages. Do not use for unintended purposes.
・Keep out of reach of children.

・Avoid dropping it or apply a strong shock to the product- it may cause a product damage and leakage. DO NOT put fizzy drinks or dry ice as it may inflates the product and bursts. 

Make sure the silicone parts and lids are properly placed/ tightly closed, and store upright when in a bag. 

・Beware of the hot contents.

・DO NOT leave in a high temperature environment (i.e. cars.)
・DO NOT leave the tumbler in water for a long time.
・To avoid the rust, keep the tumbler clean and dry, and free from the contact with other metal products.
・DO NOT use cleanser or scrubbing brush to clean.
・DO NOT use Chlorine-based bleaching agent as it causes rust.
・When a rusting is spotted, pour lukewarm water and 10% of citric acid, leave it for 2-3 hours then gently wash with a soft sponge, then rinse well.





Customer Reviews

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Awesome tumbler!

Looks so cool and sleek! I love the matte black look, and how hot it keeps the liquid inside. I only wish that it could go into the dishwasher, but that's alright.

Amazing and stylish!

A very sleek and stylish design + incredible quality build. This amazing tumbler kept my coffee hot all day long - and I do mean ALL day long. It also kept my cold drip cold for the entire day despite the hot weather.

Best Tumbler EVER!!!

These are by far the best tumblers I've ever had. They are super insulating. My coffee (or any other hot beverage) stays hot literally all day. The design is super nice and sleek, and it feels great to touch and hold. It also fits well in almost any bag so it's really easy to carry around.


Beautiful design, just the right size for me. A well thought out product.

Best coffee tumbler

The KURASU STAINLESS TRAVEL TUMBLER is a light, high quality, effective, metal container that’s is the perfect size from car to backpack. It’s attractive, feels good in my hand and I received several compliments the very first time I used it!

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