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Barista's Dream Dripper That Inspires Your Creative Mind

<NOTE: This product DOES NOT come with a wooden holder. Please purchase a wooden holder separately from here.>

Some may came across "Origami" before - ori means "folding", and g(k)ami means "paper" - which is a Japanese art of paper folding (paper cranes may be the most famous of this kind.) This beautiful ORIGAMI Dripper is inspired by the spirit of the playfully colorful, creative but delicate craft loved for centuries. 

While it is visually fun and definitely will be a conversation starter, it also realizes the best brew you could ever dream of. The product design team worked with many baristas and worked out an ideal blooming/dripping time and the shape that makes it possible- the 20 ribs creates air channels and keeps the brewing smooth and clog-free, which gives you great control over the dripping speed.

The dripper is made of Mino porcelain- one of Japan's most prestigious potteries with more than 400 years of history.  This ‘M’ size coffee dripper can fill 1 to 4 cups with deliciously brewed, aromatic coffee.​ Pick your favorite origami and be creative!

>>>View Wooden holder for ORIGAMI Dripper


    Makes up to 4 cups of pour-over, filter coffee
    Achieves professional standards of flavor control
    Comes in a beautiful box with design blueprint printed on


      Material: Ceramic (Mino-yaki)
      Size:  Φ138×H87 (drip hole:  Φ25)
      Suitable for use in microwave/oven/dishwasher
      Use Kalita Wave filter (185)/ Hario V60 filter (02) or other cone-shaped filter
      Made in Japan

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Nice Dripper

      One of the most forgiving dripper, u can't go wrong with this dripper as it was designed to have same size of bone and shape, so that water flow is more consistent. Size S is already big, for better pouring i'm suggesting to pick this size.

      Thankfully I gave into the hype ! 🙌👍

      Bit the bullet and ordered the Origami dripper when i found I could get it finally shipped to India from Kurasu which I have used earlier for their subscription coffees ! After trying the dripper with a different tweaks - I found the sweet spot for the dripper - giving me super clean intense and separated flavours surpassing most of my other methods. My best recipe : using Kalita wave filters (instead of V60) + the Gabi add on master B

      A piece of art!

      Besides the fact that the dripper is a fantastic brewing tool, it both taking V60 as well as Kalita 185 filters, each provid a different taste. It's beautiful, too.

      Dripper goals

      This dripper is something special

      Must have dripper

      A stunning dripper that crates great and ballanced cups!!!

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