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TORCH Lid (for Pitchii Coffee Server)

A shiny little hat for your Pitchii server 

We are delighted to introduce you this cute little lid TORCH recently created- a ceramic lid for their TORCH Coffee Server Pitchii

Nakabayashi-san from TORCH designed this lid to be in harmony with any occasions and settings. It helps not only your coffee to stay warm, but your tea and herbal tea to infuse and brew.

Welcome this cute little thing to your home and your shops, and add some smile to the time to relax, to spend with your family and friends. 

TORCH products are produced by Nakabayashi-san and the factory located in the prefecture of Gunma, Japan.


This is a lid designed to be used with TORCH Pitchii server.

It does not provide a water-tight sealing.

It can get very hot when in use with a hot contents in the server.

Please hold the lid when you pour, to prevent it from falling. 

It is only compatible with the current Pitchii server manufactured AFTER February 2014's minor model update. (Difference: the pre-2014 model's diameter of the opening is 75mm, whereas the current model has 70mm opening.) 

Some lot has a branding of "t" on the back. 

It does not come with the server in the photo.



    Material: Ceramic
    Size: D 80mm x H10mm
    Weight: 70g (Shipping weight 100g)
    Dishwasher: OK
    Microwave: NG
    Made in Japan 

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