Kinto Stainless Filter Coffee Carafe Set 600ml

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Kinto Stainless Filter Coffee Carafe Set 600ml

From the beautifully formed stainless steel filter to the minimalist elegance of the glass carafe, this set from Kinto turns a regular cup of coffee into a truly luxurious experience and a Chemex alternative.

In this original design from Kinto, a standard coffee pot is replaced with a distinctive glass carafe and a stylish stainless steel cone filter takes the place of a paper one. The reusable stainless steel filter is not only kinder to the environment, but it allows more oils to remain in the finished coffee, resulting in a richer and more intense flavor. The set also includes a holder for the filter, which doubles up as a measurer.

There is a zenlike quality to the fluidity of movement in this coffee making technique, and from the careful measuring of the coffee to watching each drop drip leisurely into the carafe, the process is an experience unto itself.  Unhurried, unrushed, relaxed – enjoying the making as much as the drinking is what Kinto’s “slow coffee style” is all about.

The set comes in a beautifully designed box and would make an ideal gift. 

    Why We Love This

    Beautiful minimalist design
    Perfect for beginners and advanced pourover lovers
    No need for paper filter saves cost and sustainable alternative to paper filters
    Reasonable price point for an all in one coffee set
    Great as a gift - comes in a quirky designed cardboard box


      Heat resistant up to 120℃ 
      Cannot use under direct heat
      Microwave and dishwasher safe
      Stainless filter:
      Heat resistant up to 100℃ 
      Dishwasher safe
      18-8 Stainless Steel
      600ml: Diameter 12.5cm x Height18cm x Width 15cm


      About the brand

      A kitchenware specialist based in Shiga Prefecture, Kinto have collaborated with many well-known designers including Fumie Shibata and TENT, and have designed a variety of beautiful yet functional drinkware items. In 2009 they received the Good Design Awards, a testament to the highly acclaimed excellence of their products, and are now gaining enormous attention from both domestic and international media alike.  

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 17 reviews
      Brews a rich cup, beautiful design

      Thank you for sending my Kinto carafe set safely! Was initially worried about shipping glass, but the package was well-packed.

      Really love the smooth but rich taste that the stainless filter brews, as it allowed more of the natural coffee oils to seep into the cup.

      It's also a very well-designed piece of art, love just looking at the coffee slowly dripping through. Thank you Kurasu!


      First: Very good customer service. Second: The Kinto Stainless Filter Coffee Carafe Set 600ml make excellent brewing

      Wonderful shopping experience

      fantastic customer service, very quick to receive my goods too

      Excellent brewing

      First of all, the delivery was super prompt. I was able to enjoy using my Kinto set within days of ordering. Gotta give Kurasu team excellent thumbs up for that.
      And I do enjoy using the Kinto. I've heard about it for long and it really doesn't disappoint. Personally I feel it works better than my v60 and there's a lot less mess too lol.

      Great Product

      After a postal hiccup from the post office, received the package. Kurasu was very professional and attentive throughout. This is a great product — tested it straightaway in the office— it drew many admirers!

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