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    Sui Blend

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    Sui blend is a blend of matcha powder designed to be a perfect pick for tea ceremony's use for its well balanced Umami and bitterness. 
    The hint of mild bitterness in rich umami gives you the full experience of matcha green tea. 
    Classification: First-grade (First pick)
    Origin: Kyoto
    Picking method: 100% scissor-cut 
    Variety: Samidori, Goko, Okumidori, Yabukita etc.
    No sugar added.
    * 500g / 1kg packaging will be in our wholesale bags.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Nora I.ノ.
    Love it

    Matcha Sui Blend It is good to make latte because taste of tea is clear for me and won't be milky

    Ronald W.
    Great matcha

    I love the Aroma and sweetness of sui blend. It’s one of my favorite.

    Top Notch Matcha

    It tastes sweet and bitterness perfectly balance.

    Very good choice

    Tasted strong. That’s exactly the taste of Japanese tea in my mind.


    Flavorful, aromatic, and yet not astringent at all. The smoothness makes it great for drinking by itself.

    Sourced from micro farms in Kyoto

    Directly sourced, traceable from local micro farms which we have direct contact with.

    Hand picked, hand processed, and hand packaged.

    Making Matcha Latte

    1. Place 2.5g matcha into a small bowl.(Using a tea strainer helps to remove lumps)

    2. Pour 60ml, 85c (185f) water. Gently mix matcha with water, gradually increasing the speed.

    3. Pour matcha into warm or cold milk.

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