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Since our founding in 2013, Kurasu has been committed to be an advocate for coffee brewing and Japanese coffee culture.

We opened our first physical shop in 2016 and have been setting up multiple cafes in Kyoto and around the globe, and with each year our experience and talent grows with every new shop. We are delighted to partner with businesses around the world to share our experience, expertise and unparalleled coffee experience.

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We offer special markdowns on our products for our wholesale members.
Create your account and fill out the registration form following the steps below, and we will get in touch with you!

Step 1. Create Kurasu account.

Create your account on Kurasu.kyoto

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Step 2. Fill up the registration form.

Share with us about your business from the registration form.

We’d love to get to know you!

Step 3. Wait for a confirmation e-mail from us!

Once we confirm your business details given in the registration form, we will send you an e-mail with Wholesale Discount Code and further instructions!
We may also ask a few more questions via e-mail about your business after you submit the form.
If you do not hear from us within 3-4 business days, please let us know!

Step 4. Log-in to your account and start shopping!

Log-in to your account and start putting your cart together!

Step 5. Input the discount code after the check-out

Input the discount codes that you received in our introduction email, and click “Apply.” Then, the discounted price will show up.

If the discount codes don’t work, please contact us.

Step 6. Wait for the delivery!

We will pack your order and ship it out on the next shipping date
(Depending on the timing and content ofyour order, we usually ask for 3-10 business days to ship out.)

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