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CAFEC Abaca Plus Cone Shaped Coffee Filter

Try the new Abaca+ filter paper and add an interesting variety to your brewing routine.  The Abaca+ paper filter uses a fine-grained process to increase the surface area of the paper by reducing the crepe spacing, and helps achieves a more uniform extraction. This paper further increases the extraction speed, making it possible to have more control in extraction through the pouring process. 

Smooth and durable paper filter to achieves the ultra-clean cup. "Abaca" or also known as "Manila Hemp" is known for its strength- 4 times stronger than wood pulp, but the fibre is twice as thin as conifer fibre.

The Manila Hemp is also a perennial plant that can be harvested semi-permanently by leaving the parent plant, making it one of the most sustainable raw material.

Title: 1 cup

Product Details

Size:1 cup, 2-4 cups
Material: Abaca paper
Recommended Dripper: Hario V60 and other cone shaped dripper.
Features:100 sheets.

Made in Japan


Launched in 2016, CAFEC is a name under Sanyo Sangyo that produces coffee brewing equipments centering around the paper filter. They are considered as pioneers in the paper filter manufacturing industry. All CAFEC goods are designed based on their extensive knowledge on roasting and brewing theory. CAFEC as a brand would like to spread the message "Happiest smile by coffee!" through their product in hopes that everyone can enjoy delicious home brewed coffee with friends and family.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
juan m.
The best faster filter

I feel really impress with this filters

John R.
Very Happy with it

I've been using this filter for about a year now, and I'm on my third pack. I'm very happy with it. It produces a clean, clear cup of coffee with good flavor. I've tried other filters, but I always come back to the CAFEC Abaca plus filter. I'm about to order my fourth pack.

John R.
Favorite Filter

My personal recipe is a 10 gram recipe and after trying out so many filters, this has become my favorite as it had a slightly slower draw down. I always end up with a really clean cup. My daily driver is this, paired with the Tujiwa Kanaami hand woven mesh dripper which I also bought here at Kurasu.

Tommy D.
Abaca + coffee filters

First time using these Abaca + filters with the Hario pour over a slightly slower pour but very enjoyable full flavor cup of coffee...!