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Ceramic Dripper Kurasu Original Black <1-2cups>

No.1 Essential dripper in our favorite color and style

Since day 1, we’ve used the Hario V60 as a staple in our Kyoto cafe to brew specialty coffee. Knowing this coffee dripper will continue to be an essential in our brewing toolkit for years to come, we’ve added this to our lineup as custom color Black, with original box designs. We’ve included one of the most asked questions from our customers: “What’s your recipe?” as a brewing guide. We hope the Kurasu dripper will be an essential in your home kitchen. 

The spiral ribs are designed to extract the most subtle hints of flavor. The ridges also form insulating air channels which help to maintain an even brewing temperature within the filter. The single hole at the bottom of the cone allows the character of the brew to be finely tuned by the speed of the pour.
This dripper can fill 1 to 2 cups with deliciously brewed, aromatic coffee.​


    Beautiful white ceramic dripper
    Stunning aesthetic design with spiral ribs
    Makes up to 2 cups of pour-over, filter coffee
    Achieves professional standards of flavor control
    Delivered with a manual and measuring spoon


      Material: Ceramic
      Not suitable for use in microwave
      Can be cleaned in a dishwasher
      Made in Japan

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      A must have for V60 lover

      If you are serious into V60 this model need to be seriously considered. It is one of unique V60 model out there and it's Kurasu model!
      Really appreciate delivery time of Kurasu. It is superfast and real time trackable.

      Amazing extraction

      This is a great option and really make it easy for anyone to brew a really good cup of brew.