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    Chashaku (Tea spoon) Bamboo Spoon / Nara

    • Each individually hand crafted and carved in Nara, Japan
    • Using bamboo from 100 year old traditional Japanese houses
    • Small production - only available in limited quantities

    Black bamboo
    White bamboo

    Bamboo chashaku for scooping matcha.

    Individually handcrafted by craftsmen in Takayama, Nara Prefecture. 

    Each chashaku will have slightly unique shape, texture and coloring due to hand craft and carving.

    "Soot bamboo"

    Bamboo material are taken from the attic and ceiling of old kayabuki (thatched roof) Japanese houses. It has been smoked by the smoke in the hearth for over 100 years and is characterized by its deep and beautiful natural brown color.

    With the times, the number materials that can meet these conditions has decreased. Please enjoy these rare chashaku.


    When cleaning, gently wipe off matcha with dry cloth.

    Do not use dishwasher

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Rastislav S.
    Nice tool

    Very nice, and handy tool

    Anthony G.S.
    Simple design

    Something so small yet elegant adds to the delight of preparing tea.

    tiffany r.
    a little delight

    It's a simple thing that adds a little delight to the joys of making matcha. I love it.

    Sourced from micro farms in Kyoto

    Directly sourced, traceable from local micro farms which we have direct contact with.

    Hand picked, hand processed, and hand packaged.

    Making Matcha Latte

    1. Place 2.5g matcha into a small bowl.(Using a tea strainer helps to remove lumps)

    2. Pour 60ml, 85c (185f) water. Gently mix matcha with water, gradually increasing the speed.

    3. Pour matcha into warm or cold milk.

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