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Claska DO Series Introduces Heat-resistance, Double-walled Glass Mug 

This glass-made mug, "looks just like a glass shell of the DO mug" according to Claska people, is a flawless beauty worthy of your collection. 

The double walled design keeps your drink warm (without burning the handle) and cold, and it is less likely to sweat and wet your table.
It does not only keep your drink at its best for longer, but it also lets your eyes enjoy your drink more and differently every time-- it makes the drink looks like it's floating in the air while complimenting the colour of the drink and the mug itself. 

The inspirational ‘Do’ gallery and brand was launched by Tokyo’s iconic, Claska boutique hotel in 2008. Under the leadership of visionary director, Takeo Okuma, the ‘Do’ philosophy is to exhibit and showcase some of the most authentically beautiful, modern day Japanese lifestyle products available to discerning buyers.

Coffee, tea or chocolate – we invite you to enjoy your favourite drink in this exquisitely appealing Claska ‘Do’ GLASS MUG Double Wall.



    Dishwasher Safe

    DO NOT Microwave  
    Material: Glass (Heat resistance up to 120℃)
    Size: ø95 x W125mm x H75mm
    Weight: 216g
    Capacity: 250ml


    Tips for handling

    As this cup is crafted from glass, it can be fragile compared to its ceramic counterpart. Keeps these tips in mind when handling.

    1. Avoid washing the mug while holding and twisting the handles.

    2. Avoid pouring cold water into the mug, wiping with wet cloth or placing the mug on a wet surface while the mug is still hot; the sudden change in temperate may cause fractures in the glass.

    3. Each mug is individually handcrafted. Please note that each mug will have minor difference in size and character in shape.

    4. Please DO NOT pick or peel off the pointy part at the bottom of the mug. It's a bonded during the manufacturing processing and can be very fragile.