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Ecuador Leopold Andrade Pink Bourbon [Light roast]

Floral aroma, tastes of mandarins, apricots, and yellow peaches, and a rich caramel-like sweetness.

Country: Ecuador
Process: Fully Washed
Region: Finca La Josefina, El Chaco, Napo
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Altitude: 1500m
Flavor Notes: Floral, Mandarin, Apricot, Raisin, Yellow peach, Caramel, Syrupy
*500gr / 1kg packaging will be in our wholesale bags.

Limited quantity: micro lot, of 50kg.

Size: 200g

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"The Bourbon variety is known for its incredible cup balance and most notably its characteristics that give both a bright, refreshing flamboyant acidity and a heavy, syrupy sweetness- two qualities you rarely find in one coffee, and that’s what makes this variety so special."

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Finca La Josefina is operated by Leopoldo Andrade and his brothers. They also own a plantation in the Oriente region of Ecuador called Finca Majorelle. For Finca Josefina, the coffee-growing project started in 2014, and in 2016 for Finca Majorelle.

During this process, they had to face many challenges, first in choosing the location of the plantation and establishing the necessary infrastructure. After comes the challenge of selecting the coffee seedlings and finding different farming methods.

Located at an altitude of 1,400 to 1,600 meters above sea level, the plantation covers about 19 hectares and produces about a dozen varieties of coffee. Only the ripe cherries are carefully selected and harvested, after which they are floated in water to sort out only the densest berries. Then, to obtain the best cherries, another selection of cherries is done by hand in the sorting beds. After pulp removal, the cherries are wet fermented for about 18 hours and then rinsed. The cherries are then dried in African beds for 10 to 15 days.

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Dripper:Hario V60 Dripper
Coffee : Water Ratio: 14g : 200g
Water temp.:91c

Step by step:

00:00~ 40g(Total: 40g)
00:40~ 60g(Total: 100g)
01:10~ 50g(Total: 150g)
01:40~ 50g(Total: 200g)

02:30 Approx. finish

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