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    El Salvador Ever Leonel Diaz Perez [Light roast]


    Peachy aroma, orange, plum and strawberry flavors. Enjoy the notes of guava and herbs appear as it cools down. Gracias, Kadokawa-kun!


    El Salvador Ever Leonel Diaz Perez (Light roast)

    Country El Salvador
    Process Washed
    Region Finca Mileydi, Charatenango, El Tunel
    Flavor note Peach, Orange, Plum, Strawberry, Guava, Herbal
    Roaster's comment Peachy aroma, orange, plum and strawberry flavors. Enjoy the notes of guava and herbs appear as it cools down. Gracias, Kadokawa-kun!

     * 500g / 1kg packaging will be in our wholesale bags.

     About this coffee - by Head Roaster Kosuke

    I purchased this lot from our friend Kadokawa-kun, representative of COYOTE. This is an exceptionally special lot produced by El Salvador COE 2021 winner, Mr. Ever Diaz. In fact, the lot I purchased is exactly the same as the winning lot except that it was harvested on a different day...So I guess it's "almost" a COE winning lot, right?

    This lot shone through amongst all other new crops I was introduced to, and I am so grateful for Kadokawa-kun giving me this wonderful opportunity to roast such a valuable coffee. 

    How we roast this coffee

    Temperature rise is moderate throughout. I try not to put too much pressure to avoid bitterness, so I crisply finish at 10 minutes, 196C.


    Customer Reviews

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    John R.
    Very enjoyable

    This was very enjoyable. Brewed this on the V60 Pottery. The cup was awesome as I expected from Kurasu. Prominent strawberry aroma. Medium tea like body. Mellow acidity.

    I enjoyed this coffee

    I enjoyed this coffee

    COE-level coffee

    I fully enjoyed this, lovely bright coffee

    Edwin C.
    Great coffee

    I very much enjoyed this coffee, I brewed it with with the wooden dripper and with the recipe provided and found the tasting notes to be very accurate with a clarity to match. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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