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    HARIO 100th Anniversary Limited Series: 珈琲狂時代 The Era of Coffee Craze (Drip Decanter)

    The best of the best proven by history- revival of HARIO's top-selling products loved by many generations

    Celebrating their 100th anniversary in coming 2021, HARIO is reviving some of their top-selling products drove world's coffee lovers "crazy". 

    This is a limited series and this  "珈琲狂時代" (The Era of Coffee Craze) is a lovely 1-cup sized coffee decanter with a sleek spiral wire dripper nicely sits in the HARIO's famous durable heat resistant decanter.   

    Feel the quality proven by history, and share the precious experience with baristas in the past and the future.


    Size: W105 mm × D 90 mm × H 119 mm Diameter: 88 mm
    Capacity:  240ml

    Decanter : Heat resistant glass
    Dripper: Stainless steel
    Band: Silicone rubber
    Paper filter: Paper
    Measuring spoon: Polypropylene

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Erdem Y.
    I wish the logo on the sticker was engraved :)

    The paper filter is wobbly at times and coffee bed is hard to keep at level but it doesn't really affect the end product. This thing brews a great full bodied cup of coffee, which my parents love. Also, pouring out of this thing is a delight :)

    Michael R.
    Make a good 1 cup pour over

    The 100 year anniversary hario reprint metal dripper/decanter combo produces a well rounded cup, but has a slower drawdown rate that the classic hario v60.

    Vitalii G.
    Strangely cool :D

    I've ordered it because it's cute, but it's actually really practical for small portions (10-12/200ml). Looks good, brews good, lives good :D

    Emilio D.B.
    It's magic!

    I bought it first as a gift for my son. He loves coffee and Japanese manga. He has good taste. But I'm also surprised by the taste of the coffee made with this little thing. How can a wire dripper make coffee with so much body? Fortunately, I had bought two.