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    HARIO Drip Kettle Air

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    Light as air, an easy to handle, durable and sleek drip pot living up to its name- perfect for daily use and outdoors

    Ideal for those starting to make pour-over coffee
    The design makes pouring easy, with a surprisingly lightweight feel and transparent material that allows you to see the movement of the water. The compact size saves space during storage. Winner of the 2020 Good Design Award.


    Size: W177×L78×H128mm
    Capacity:  350ml
    Material: PCT Resin (Heat resistance up to 100℃)
    Made in Japan
    DO NOT use direct fire nor induction heater

    DO NOT use microwave nor oven

    Dish washer/drier compatible

    Handling Tips

    This product is not to be used as a heating device. Do not use with direct fire. This is designed to be used as a dripping pot, so boil the water in a different kettle and transfer the water to this product to enjoy brewing.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Fantastic for the office

    I love it and gifted it to my mate that's starting with pour-over coffee. Compact, durable and perfect for the office and beginners.

    Hario Air Kettle

    I love the little plastic kettle, it’s light weight and has a precise pouring spout. The measurement markings on the the side came in handy when my scale stopped working.
    As usual service from Kurasu was excellent.

    nice small jug from Hario

    This small plastic jug is useful and well designed. The spout allows you to produce a controlled steady pour similar to using a gooseneck kettle. Also the volume measurement markings on the side of the kettle allow you to pour the exact amount of water required. Service from Kurasu was excellent. Delivery time from Japan to Scotland was very impressive.

    Jerico R.
    Ballin' on a budget

    Did you blow your majority budget on a sold out Comandante C40 MKIII Hand Grinder Cobalt and had to pay a premium private stock straight from Germany? (WHOA Same!!) Well I have the perfect budget "gooseneck kettle" for you! This thing is very light but built very well, I have perfect control in my pouring techniques and I have little to no buyers remorse most of the time!

    Oh man, you better be drinking Kenya coffee beans only because that Comandante was almost double MSRP, but this Hario Air Kettle was 10x cheaper than a Fellow Stag or copper Hario Burno so you have enough money to pay rent.

    I use this kettle for more than just coffee, because why not?
    Did you lose your tiny cup too for cooking rice? Well this thing is over kill for that. Let this kettle pour all your problems away!

    I love you Hario Air Kettle! You're literally sold out everywhere except Japan, and Ebay Scalpers!