HARIO V60 Buono Copper Kettle (0.9L)


2016 June - New V60 Copper Kettle now comes with rubber handle coverings.

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Designed to impress with the sheen of burnished copper

The Hario V60 Buono Copper Kettle is designed to impress. Here, the iconic, ribbed body of the Hario V60 is given the burnished sheen of rich copper. A rippled brass handle and walnut lid-lift both add to the charm of this desirable pourer.

Hario’s refined gooseneck spout delivers the brewing water exactly where it’s needed. Flow control is exceptional – meeting the expectations of the most demanding of baristas. The inner surfaces of the copper V60 have an odor neutralizing, nickel coating. The outer copper sheen is preserved and protected by a clear, tarnish resistant coating.

Entertain and impress your friends with this stunning, V60 barista kettle from Hario. This exclusive item is the perfect partner for our V60 Copper Dripper.


Iconic, V60 Buono styling in richly burnished copper

Instantly recognizable Hario design with a ribbed, conical body

Inner, odor neutralizing coating of nickel plating

Clear protective coating on the exterior to preserve the lustrous finish

Delivers a professional barista pour through the specially refined spout


    Kettle body: Clear coated copper with nickel plated interior

    External parts: Walnut lid-lift and brass handle

    Capacity: 900ml

    Suitable for electric, halogen or gas stove-top use

    Not suitable for induction heaters

    Made in Japan


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