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HARIO V60 Buono Copper Kettle (0.7L)

Legendary among baristas, the distinctive beehive body of the Hario V60 Buono Kettle can be seen in many of the world’s most highly regarded coffee houses. This superb, pour-over coffee kettle is a respected all-rounder that’s easy to handle and control. This classic, Buono kettle will provide one full liter of water for a professional barista pour.

The Hario V60 Buono Copper Kettle is designed to impress, the ribbed body of the Hario V60 is given the burnished sheen of rich copper. A rippled brass handle and walnut lid-lift both add to it's charm. The inner surfaces of the copper V60 have an odor neutralizing, nickel coating. The outer copper sheen is preserved and protected by a clear, tarnish resistant coating.

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Material:Body (clear coated copper), interior (nickel plated), lid/handle (walnut)
Features:2016 June - New V60 Copper Kettle now comes with rubber handle coverings.

Made in Japan

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About Hario

The name Hario originated from the combination of the Japanese word hari (玻璃) or glass and o (王) or king, combined formed the meaning the King of Glass. A brand with more than 100 years of experience under it's belt started in 1921 as a laboratory glassware seller and manufacturer in Tokyo, Japan. Using their heatproof glassware and glass processing techniques, Hario started creating coffee siphons in 1948. Later on they expanded to creating their well loved home products from other materials. They are now a household name among coffee brewing enthusiasts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mickaël F.
Amazing copper for a good cup of coffee ! ☕️

Very fast delivery for the distance (to France, a little disappointed for the tax duty to pay...) but Great design. Great built. Comfortable & convenient to use. I love how the water falls from the little hole. Really great measure for 2 mug (600 ml). Hario made the perfect product once again. Product of a life ! ありがとうございます。
Merci KURASU ! ミカエル。

Hafezah F.
Brilliant product!

I bought this for my boyfriend as he and I are starting to appreciate the art of coffee more. Well worth the price! And the nicely-packed goods were an added bonus!

Wow, how nice! This is indeed a great choice for a present! So glad to hear that you are both happy with the product, and we're very excited that you are exploring this coffee wonderland :) Thank you for your review, and thank you again for shopping with us!

Philip J.
For If you need a classy looking kettle.

It looks great, it's well made and it works well. The handle will get hot of course as the whole unit is metal - but that's just the design, not a flaw. If you use a separate kettle to heat the water then pour it into this, the handle won't heat up too much.

Dear Jones, thank you very much for your review! We agree that the aesthetic of this kettle is worth the bother! Thank you again :)


The whole Hario copper set is stunningly beautiful. Easy to use, looks good, feels good in the hand.

Hi Daniel, thank you for your review! The feeling of reliability of the kettle is just exquisite, so glad to hear that you are enjoying it! :)

Apichai C.

Its apperance is nice. Feel good.

Hi Apichai, thank you for your review! Hope it will add more enjoyable moments to your coffee ritual!