Hario V60 Dripper 02 Tetsu Kasuya Model


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Customized Model by 2016 WBC Winner, Tetsu Kasuya


The iconic Hario V60 series proudly presents a customized model created in collaboration with Mr. Tetsu Kasuya, the winner of 2016 World Barista Championship. This "Kasuya Model" is designed to extract the best with Mr.Kasuya's winning method, "4:6 method."   

This model has a customized ribs that hold coffee longer compared to the standard V60 model, which makes the extraction more stable and easier to control. 

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<About Hario V60>

With its swirling ridges and startling looks, the Hario V60, Ceramic Coffee Dripper is a staple to any filter kit. The ceramic filter cone of the V60 highlights the flavor-enhancing ribbing and aesthetic elegance of Hario’s exquisite, hand-pour coffee dripper. Conceived and crafted in Japan, the V60 has become a ‘go to’ dripper design for leading baristas in many of the world’s most popular pour-over coffee shops. 


    Beautiful black ceramic dripper
    Customized model created in collaboration with WBC winner
    Stunning aesthetic design with spiral ribs
    Makes up to 4 cups of pour-over, filter coffee
    Achieves professional standards of flavor control
    Delivered with a manual and measuring spoon and detailed recipe of 4-6 method


      Material: Ceramic
      Size: W140 × D120 × H102mm
      Not suitable for use in microwave
      Can be cleaned in a dishwasher
      Uses special Hario filters
      Made in Japan

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 17 reviews

      Good item easy control


      Its really nice and high class/


      For those that are big fans of the 4:6 method.


      This item is exactly what I wanted and makes a great cup of coffee. Kurasu is a great company that had really good communication and fast delivery for an item sent to the US.

      An awesome Tetsu Kasuya V60 dripper

      I'm just a home brewer who is curious about this V60. When I first bought this, I believed that Kurasu would provide the best service. After I waited 3 weeks, I received the package intact and flawless. I like this V60 that looks pretty and elegant from a distance ... After that.. I tried brewing coffee with this V60. I tried to compare it with the widely used Hario V60 and used medium-sized coffee grind. so far, the flow of this V60 is a little slower. It tastes not much different. Well... I think I'm still quite curious about this V60. After fixing my brewing method, maybe I would dare to use this V60 properly and use the recipe created by Tetsu Kasuya.

      Thank you so much Ririn! We appreciate your interest and exploration! Please let us know how it progresses xxx

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