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    HARIO W60 Dripper

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    The next generation of the legendary V60 dripper that wakes up your inner explorer: collab project of Hario x 2013 WBC champion Pete Licata 

    From another exciting collaboration project from Hario and WBC champions, they introduce a "W"60 dripper- the next generation of V60.

    The dripper has a slightly larger and curved structure compared to the staple V60, the shape resembling of that of tea cup- the iconic spiral ribs are deeper and more spaced out, to achieve a different approach to the water flow and coffee contact time. 

    The dripper comes with a mesh, flat-bottom filter attachment that allows 3 different brewing setups: 1) brew without the attachment, with cone-shaped paper filter, 2) brew with the attachment, without the paper filter set in the dripper, and 3) use both the attachment and a paper filter.

    The method 1 results in a similar cup to that of V60, but slightly clearer and round cup. The method 2 will give you an even extraction in a richer cup full of coffee goodness. The method 3 works as a double filtration, and will result in an incredibly clean and well-extracted cup. 

    Be creative and try out many different combinations, and brew like a champ!

    The product comes with Mr.Licata's recipe, instruction and his message.


    SIZE W160×D127×H109
    Diameter of top 116
    CAPACITY For 1~4 cups
    Paper filter: 02 size
    MATERIAL Body / Porcelain
    Frame / Polypropylene
    Mesh / Polyester resin

    Made in Japan

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Axel G.
    Great dripper

    Excellent way to build on the trusted old V60, more options, samw quality.

    Vidula N.

    Makes for an excellent ceramic v60.
    While I'm not the biggest fan of the flat-bed dripper when used with the v60 paper, the versatility of it is definitely a big plus.

    Michael L.
    Hario W60

    Service by Kurasu is amazing: fast delivery, great follow-up, it is a real pleasure!
    W60 is not a revolution but it is a nice addition to your coffee setup if you have already a V60.
    But if it is your first dripper, then for sure, it is a the best possible option as it will allow you prepare your coffee 3 different ways... at least!

    Orrin B.
    Hario W 60

    Fun to use, versatile, makes delicious coffee.
    Kurasu great and quality service

    Thai I.
    Versatile and uncomplicated

    Love that I can choose to make coffee different ways. Using just the nylon mesh is my favourite way.