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Honduras Belarmino Contreras [Light roast]

Floral aroma, soft fruitiness of pear and peach, umami and sweetness of gyokuro. Overall, a very delicate coffee.

Country: Honduras
Process: Fully Washed
Region: Finca Genesis, Las Flores, Santa Barbara
Variety: Pacas

Altitude: 1500m
Flavor Notes: Floral, Pear, Peach, Gyokuro
* 500gr / 1kg packaging will be in our wholesale bags.

Size: 200g

Product Details

"With a delicate flavor, floral, and is very pleasant with soft fruitiness. It's my kind of coffee."

- Head Roaster Kosuke

try Kurasu Coffee Brew Guide

Dripper:Hario V60 Dripper
Coffee : Water Ratio: 14g : 200g
Water temp.:91c

Step by step:

00:00~ 40g(Total: 40g)
00:40~ 60g(Total: 100g)
01:10~ 50g(Total: 150g)
01:40~ 50g(Total: 200g)

02:30 Approx. finish

Checkout Kurasu Coffee Brew Guide for more information!

When will I receive my coffee bean order?

It depends on when your order is placed.

A. If the order is placed before 3 pm on a Saturday your order will be roasted the following Sunday and the next week’s Monday.
It will then be shipped off that week on Wednesday. 

B. If the order is placed before 10 am on a Wednesday there are TWO possible shipping flows.

1. If we have that coffee beans in stock, we will be shipping them that Friday: We will be shipping the extra beans that were roasted the previous Sunday and Monday. We are only able to ship the number of coffee beans we have in our inventory, which is why the majority of the time we will not be shipping coffee bean orders that are more than 200g. However, if we have enough in our inventory, we will also be shipping bean orders of 500g or 1kg. 

2. If we don’t have that coffee beans in stock, we will be shipping them on a Wednesday, the week after: The coffee beans will be roasted the upcoming Sunday and Monday.

Product Q&A

Checkout Kurasu Coffee Brew Guide for more information!

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Customer Reviews

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Magdalen C.
Fresh and Tasty coffee

We got the coffee couple of days after roasted, it’s fresh and taste very good

Best Coffee You Can Buy

This coffee is my favorite that I have ever received from my monthly subscription. It tastes similarly to a delicious green tea mixed with beautiful flowers and a slight taste of peach. Absolutely the best way to make your or someone else's day!