Kalita Copper Pour Over Kettle (0.7L)

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The traditional design of this Kalita Copper 700 pour over kettle brings a touch of stylish elegance to the kitchen. The gleaming copper has a hammered finish, giving the kettle a distinctive, artisan appearance.

Apart from giving the kettle its handsome looks, solid copper construction also helps to hold the water at a steady temperature. Special plating on the interior eliminates intrusive odors.

The pouring performance of the Copper 700 is equally impressive. A classic, gooseneck spout offers excellent control of the rate of flow. An ergonomic, insulated handle and hinged lid make the Kalita Copper 700 a delight to use. This kettle is at home on most electric, gas or induction stoves.



Elegantly crafted from solid, hammered copper
Plated interior to eliminate odors and aftertastes
The copper kettle retains heat during the pour
Gooseneck spout for precise flow control
Insulated handle to prevent burned fingers
Hinged lid for convenience


    Materials: Solid copper with plated interior & insulated handle
    Weight: 559g
    Capacity: 700ml
    Base diameter: 85mm
    Made in Japan