Kalita Copper Pour Over Kettle (0.6L)


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Elegant and retro copper for the perfect pour

The Kalita Wave Copper Pour Over Kettle is the perfect selection when you are looking for an attractive retro-style Coffee Kettle that will allow you to hand pour first rate coffee with absolute precision. Crafted from premium-quality copper that has been hammer marked, this decorative pouring kettle can be used on most gas, electric or induction heat sources.

Why Choose Copper?
Aside from its aesthetic beauty, copper is known for its superior thermal conductivity, allowing water to stay hot for a much longer period of time. This allows the barista to pace the pour and achieve the perfect brew. Be careful as the handles may get hot!

The inner parts of the elegant Kalita Wave Copper Pour Over Kettle are plated to prevent any changes in water quality. The tipped shapely spout has been specially designed to allow for total control of water flow, guaranteeing the most flavorful coffee possible when brewing your favorite coffee beans.

The iconic Kalita Wave Kettle is a firm favorite with the new generation of filter coffee enthusiasts.




The preferred coffee kettle produced by the long standing Japanese coffee brand Kalita
Elegant hammered mark copper
Pure copper is excellent in thermal conductivity and ideal for multiple pours
Tipped shaped spout gives first rate pour


    Materials: Copper
    Weight: 350g
    Capacity:600 ml
    Made in Japan

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