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Kalita Wave Dripper

Kalita Wave drippers feature a flat-bottomed brew bed for even extraction, and a filter design that reduces contact between the brewing space and the dripper itself.

Used by top specialty cafes around the world and in professional coffee-making competitions, the Kalita Wave allows you to brew your favorite coffee more evenly, which directly contributes to fuller flavor and a more balanced extraction.

Paper Filters:
Kalita Wave - Brown Paper Filter 50 sheets
Kalita Wave - White Paper Filter 100 sheets

How to Brew with Kalita Wave
What you need

Kalita Wave dripper
Kalita Wave paper filter (Rinse before use)
Burr blade griner
Pouring kettle
Digital scale
Stop watch
15G Grind coffee ( Around EK43 : 7.5 Course- medium grind )
Water Temperature : 90 - 93 degrees

>>Lean more about the recipe


    #185 brews up to 4 cups
    Use Kalita wave filters sold seperatly


      Material: Heat resistant glass
      Dishwasher safe
      #185: Diameter 10.5cm x Height 8.3cm
      Weight: #155: 77 g #185:116g
      Made in Japan

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