Kalita Wave Coffee Pour Over Kettle (1.0L)


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Superior wodden handles, iconic Kalita "Wave" design

The iconic Kalita Wave Kettle is a firm favorite with the new generation of filter coffee enthusiasts.

The shapely spout has been crafted to provide total control of water flow when preparing first-class, pour-over coffee. Fashioned from top-quality, polished stainless steel, this pouring kettle can be used on almost any gas, electric or induction heat source.

The elegant ‘wave’ decoration on the body of the pot is mirrored in the styling of the carved wooden handle. A brass thumb rest, along with the wooden handle and knob on the lid, all ensure that you don’t burn your fingers when handling the pot.

The Kalita Wave Pot is highly recommended for the preparation of consistently flavoursome, pour-over filter coffee!!




The preferred coffee kettle produced by the long standing Japanese coffee brand Kalita
Iconic Kalita "Wave" design
Elegant wooden handles give superior comfort and grip
Beautifully and unique shaped spout gives first rate pour


    Materials: Grade 18-8 stainless steel, with wooden fittings and brass thumb-rest
    Size: Base diameter 12.5cm, Height 18 cm, Width 22.5cm (including handle)
    Weight: 600g
    Capacity: 1 Litre
    Made in Japan


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