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Float in peace with dancing colors, you will find your own scenery when you look at this uniquely hand-made mug

What kind of words come up to your mind when we say “KINTO”? “Clean”, “Simple”, “Practical”, and maybe “Sharp”? Then this Artisan mug series will surprise you with its color and character.

The series is from the collaborative project of KINTO and Atelier tete, which produces hand-made porcelain in Hasami area in Nagasaki, where has 400 years of history in pottery. “Te” means “hand” in Japanese, and the brand holds this name because it is all about hand—it is hand-made, to create the products so charming that you want to hold it with your hand at the shop, then it will bring you a pleasurable experience every time you use it, and it leads you to think of the precious hand-made process with a craftsmanship.

You will find it amusing when you take a sip out of this mug, as you may see your favorite moments in life—sunset beach, woods full of autumn leaves, bubbling milk foam of your favorite latte…it will give you a pause. Seize the gentle moment this mug adds to your coffee break, and have a deep breath—it is worth it.

While this charming mug being pleasurable to see, it still fulfills your practical needs for a mug being in a right size which holds 280 ml and weighs less than 300 g, stable in balance with a wide, easy-to-hold handle.

Let your everyday journey holds your favorite moments and full of wonder with this KINTO Artisan mug by Atelier tete.

Available in 3 colors: Pink Beige x Orange/ White x Light Blue/ Blue x Yellow


    Dishwasher/ Microwave safe
    Material: Porcelain
    Size: W9cm (12cm including handles) x H7.5 cm
    Weight: 284g
    Capacity: 280ml

    Customer Reviews

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    We bought two ignorant the three colors. My wife and I think this mug is so beautiful that we joke that it makes our tea and coffee taste better.

    Great, beautiful cup

    Bought two cups. The colours are great.
    Wish there was a saucer where I can place my biscuit/cake while drinking coffee.

    Stunning cup

    The most beautiful mug to drink a pourover from! Feels great in every way.

    Awesome mug!

    I bought this mug in every color. The size is perfect. The weight is perfect. The handle is perfect. The color is gorgeous. It's awesome!

    Thank you for such a wonderful review David! We are so happy imagining the mugs keeping company with each other!
    Fragile, but wonderful?

    I originally bought this as something to take out for lazy Sundays, but I find myself taking this out whenever I'm having coffee now. It's beautiful, fits well in your hand and doesn't get too warm. The only downside is that the instructions tells you to handle it like a newborn child; rinse before pouring coffee inside, immediately wash it after use and dry it with a towel. Now, to be fair, the kind people at Kurasu in Kyoto didn't seem to adhere to the instructions and their cups looked fine, so maybe they're not as fragile as the instructions make them out to be. Either way it's absolutely my go to cup now.

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