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KINTO and its SLOW COFFEE STYLE series has been much loved by many, and it has been widely known in coffee lovers in Japan. We are happy to add this chic dripper stand to our collection for the great coffee enthusiasts all over the world!

The wooden base uses deep colored walnut and the brass part will age beautifully. You can adjust the height so it will fit from your smallest mug to a tall server and will help a neat and efficient dripping.  The KINTO's signature stainless filter comes in a beautiful golden colour, brewing a rich and aromatic coffee.

Handsome server and a handy holder make it a perfect starting kit and a gift for loved ones.

The set contains: Stand, Brewer, Filter, Holder and Server




    Stand: Walnut, Brass, 18-8 Stainless, Silicone

    Brewer/Server/Holder: Heat resistant glass (up to 120)

    Filter: 18-8 Stainless (titanium nitride coating)

    Size: W165 x D130 x H250 mm (stand)

    φ80 x H110 x W135 mm / 700 ml (server)

    KINTO logo on the bottom of the base, server, holder and on the filter

    Made in China


    Tips for Handling

    Stand: DO NOT use Microwave/Dishwsher/Drier

    A pattern of the wood may differ as it's a hand-made product with natural wood

    Avoid fire or soaking it in water/hot water

    Avoid direct sunlight and humidity

    (The wooden part may experience a slight crack or winding otherwise)

    Gently give it a wipe with a well wrung out wet cloth

    Brass changes its colour with humidity. Avoid leaving it wet

    Please use commercial brass cleaner following its instruction

    The brass may produce green rusting but it won't affect the quality.

    Hold the ring part of the stand when you change the hight, making sure the screw is properly loosened.


    Brewer/Server/Holder: Microwave safe  but do not over heat. 

    DO NOT use with direct fire

    Avoid using cleanser and tough brushing


    Filter: DO NOT use microwave

    Dishwasher safe with care

    Avoid using cleanser and tough brushing



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