KINTO x atelier tete Grotto Mug 240ml Red Line


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It's hard to come about table wares that's beautiful and creative as the ones from Kinto. While other brands tend to opt for bland colors and form, Kinto has stressed the importance of handcrafting these cups individually giving each cups a distinctive shape and feel. 

The series is from the collaborative project of KINTO and Aterier tete, where the concept is to use only traditional Japanese kilns and pottery methods. From the design to the creation, the whole creative process is done by hand, which allows each cup to have an unique texture - a product that makes you want to hold and cherish.

Enjoy this heart-warming Kinto x atelier tete Grotto Mug which fits perfectly in your hands.

In three colors -  Yellow HalfTurquoise Half / Red Line



φ105 × H80 × W95 mm / 240 ml
Hand crafted in Japan


About the brand

A kitchenware specialist based in Shiga Prefecture, Kinto have collaborated with many well-known designers including Fumie Shibata and TENT, and have designed a variety of beautiful yet functional drinkware items. In 2009 they received the Good Design Awards, a testament to the highly acclaimed excellence of their products, and are now gaining enormous attention from both domestic and international media alike.  


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